Tips to Ace the TABC Test

Texas residents who are going to serve alcohol must first obtain the TABC card before legally doing so. This card aims to serve alcohol responsibly, whether at a sporting event, a bar or nightclub, or other establishment. With the TABC license, individuals who work in industries that serve alcohol learn techniques that keep themselves and the patrons safe. And that is important. To obtain the license, you must first take a test that aims to learn your knowledge of serving alcohol. To receive the license, the test must be successfully completed. Here are a few tips that can help you score well on the TABC test to earn your license quickly.


It is obvious that you should study before any test, but since there isn’t a school room, some people think this is less serious. It is not, and studying ensures that the information is fresh on your mind when you sit down to take the test. Study in a quiet area that is free of distractions, through a laptop is okay to help you do your research.

Get Plenty of Sleep Before the Test

Sleeping soundly is rarely easy when there’s a test this important that is racking your brain and causing nervousness, but it is imperative that you get plenty of shut eye the night before. Studies show that lack of sleep causes poor performance on tests. Make sure this isn’t a concern for you.

Don’t Rush to Test

Sure, you are eager to earn the license that you’ve came for and begin serving beer, but if you rush to test before you know all the information, you are only wasting time and money, and causing headache to the day. Rushing to test for the card is a no-no.